Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday, September 19, 2008

assal pallipalayam chicken

things you need

nattu koali(country chicken) - 1 kg

chinna vengayaam(small onion) - 1/2 kg

sigappu kaaindha milagaai(Red Dry Chili) - 10 nos

manjal thool(turmeric powder) - 1 spoon

milagaai thool(chili powder) - 1 spoon

nalla ennai(gingely oil) - 5 spoons

vellak ennai(castor oil) - 1 spoon

kariveppillai(curry leaves) - 1 koathu (around 30 leaves)

malli thalai(coriander leaves) - to taste

uppu(salt) - to taste


remove bones and cut chicken to sugar cube sizes, wash and drain.

cut red chilies into 1 inch pieces remove seeds. cut small onions into small pieces.

heat oil, put the red chilies and fry little , now and then add the cut small onions and curry leaves fry until golden brown.

add chicken and fry for around 2 to 3 minutes. now add the manjal thool, milagaai thool and uppu and stir fry for 5 to 7 minutes.

add 1 cup of water and close the lid, at low flame let the water dry.

add malli elai and the assal pallipalayam chicken is now ready.

the authentic home-made nandu kulambu(crab curry)

enjoy your nandu kulambu

things you need

nandu (crab) - 1 Kg ( 4 meduium size )
chinna vengaayam(small onions) - 300 gram
thakkali (tomato) - 100 gram
poondu(garlic) - 15 pods
Inji(ginger) - 20 strips about 50 gram
pachai milagaai(Green Chilie) - 4 Nos cut in the middle
milagaai thool(Chili Powder) - 2 spoon
malli thool(corriander powder) - 4 spoon
seeragam(jeera) - 1 spoon
manjal thool(turmeric powder) - 1/2 spoon
vendhayam() - 1 spoon
nalla ennai(gingely oil) - 150 gram
puli(tamarind) - 100 gram
thengai paal(coconut milk) - 1 cup
malli elai(corriander leaves)


heat oil, when ready put vendhayam in and let it get red.

now add the cut onions and stir fry to golden brown

add malli thool, milagaai thool, turmeric poder, seeragam and stir

add puli water, coconut milk, inji strips, poondu, thakkali, pachai milagaai and stir

now when the raw smell goes,

add the prepared nandu, when half cooked add required uppu.

keep the fire in simm mode and when the kulambu gets to thick ( to your liking ) add malli elai and it is ready.